Hypnosis and Fear

animal-arachnid-close-up-creepy-276455There are many different phobias in life with some people tending to fear a lot of different things. Flying, heights, enclosed places, and many more are common among the general population. They also seem to affect only a small portion of the population.

There also is a larger fear that affects a majority of the world. Some of these include war, climate change, economies, and natural disasters. The media is also more available to the masses now which spread the information all over the world. This can cause people in a country far away from a disaster to experience fear from it.

The latest fear that affects everyone is the newest corona virus outbreak. Some people are now scared to come close to others, afraid to say hello, and even hug family members. Fear seems to feed on itself, increasing in strength until it perhaps burns out.

Working with hypnosis and other means can begin to alleviate some of these fears. If a fear is allowed to persist it will lead to more stress which affects the health in all kinds of bad ways. Learning to relax and staying calm will go a long way towards helping you recover from any fear.

Meditating, Yoga, breathing exercises, and EFT are just some ways to find peace. Gardening, different types of music, brain entrainment,  or even going for a leisurely walk. Hobbies, games, spending quality time with the family, there are many ways to enjoy life again instead of hiding at home.

I advise you to get out and enjoy life, have some fun and perhaps meet some new people.

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Eating Disorders

person-holding-two-hamburgers-1025804Having an issue with eating disorders can lead to serious health problems. Regular treatments are mostly ineffective due to the problem being in the mind. The person may believe they are overweight while in reality could be under a severe case of malnutrition.


People experiencing this have an underlying emotional issue. They tend to starve themselves with calorie limits, the misuse of diet pills, drugs, or other methods of staving off hunger. This can lead to a total obsession and possibly deeper emotional problems.


Those who are diagnosed with bulimia will often binge eat and then vomit the food back up due to feelings of guilt or other emotional issues.


Their are many people who eat way more than they should. Some people tend to overeat due to boredom, stress, depression, or a number of other reasons.

My advise is to give hypnosis a try for any eating disorder issues. Finding a good hypnotist is like searching out a good doctor. If you aren’t happy with the first one, try a different one. Remember, all hypnosis is self induced, the hypnotist is just the guide.

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Using hypnosis and other natural methods can help cure things like pain, weight control, addictions, and many other issues. My advice is to keep an open mind about any new learning process. By exploring new options,  you will open up new doors that will change your life. Keep a record of what is working for you and what isn’t. A simple change in diet can improve many ailments. If you would like more information on hypnosis, send me a line at hypnosisadvice@aol.com. Have a great day.

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Your life belongs to you and the decision of running it is yours. Take time to be you. Learning self-hypnosis can help you remain calm and at peace. Give it a try.

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What is stopping you?

There is only one thing stopping you from succeeding, and that is fear of failing. Take the fear out, and even if you fail, it’s a springboard to another try. Most successful people have failed many times, they just don’t let it stop them. Learn from failing, just do not repeat the same thing that led you there.

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Taking time to take time can be a big deal sometimes. It seams you fall into a pit of busyness and forget all about the important things. This can be your year, your month, day, second, or anything. Get ready for some insights when you finally become overwhelmed and decide it’s time for you for awhile. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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This is the day you should start working on improving the best thing you have in life. What is that you ask? The answer is “YOU”. People buy fancy homes and cars and keep them well maintained yet they let their body and mind fall apart. Change your diet, exercise, and get some sunshine. We are creatures of natural light and should not live inside artificial lighting always. So maintain your body like you do your car. Have a great day.

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Hypnosis Advice

This is the beginning of a new life for you. Many shifts have already happened and now you are ready for the big change. This is your life and you should be happy and enjoy it. If you have any issues with anything, give hypnosis a try. If you want to improve various aspects of your life, it also works for that. So bring your life to the 21st century and keep moving out of your comfort zone. Go new places and meet new people.

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