Zero Gravity Advice


You might think it seems crazy, yet many people have experienced the sensation of floating during hypnosis. This can be a natural occurrence during deep relaxation. There is nothing to fear here as you will be completely safe.

There are scripts that can induce the state of zero gravity for an even deeper effect. As you begin the downward journey deep into unknown portions of your mind, there can be a change of effect that is hardly noticeable. This can induce an experience of floating above your body, or anywhere you happen to choose. Yes, this is only limited by your imagination.

While you are in this zero gravity state, there are options to explore past and future problems. By floating back to a point in time where an issue started to arise, you can realize that what seemed to be an emotional part of your past was in reality quite funny. This can help release hidden stress that could eventually lead to health problems and chronic pain.

There can also be a lot of enjoyment in the effects of zero gravity. You can learn to hover with the clouds or glide across the ocean. Whatever you choose, it can be an adventure like you never had before. Always try to experience new things, it keeps you growing.

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