brown-analog-wall-clock-at-11-48-71154This can be a very confusing aspect of hypnosis. Time can seem to be distorted, with either feelings of speeding up or slowing down. This can cause discomfort in some people until they become used to sessions. This is a good reason to practice basic relaxation hypnosis to get a feel of what it is like.

A good hypnotist can also use timelines to help discover past emotional problems that have lead to stress and chronic pain. A lot of problems adults have stem from things that have happened to them when they were a small child. This is a good way to help deal with emotional issues that some might have stored away in the subconscious part of the mind.

Using hypnosis is also a good way to help plan your future and removing the anxiety from thinking about possible things that could go wrong. Worrying about things that could that their is no control over will just lead to more stress and future health problems. Another use of hypnosis can help you with goal setting to help lead the life of your choice.

So take some time and investigate the subconscious with a recommended hypnotist. And since all hypnosis is basically self-induced, perhaps studying self-hypnosis might be better for some. There is a fear of losing control to someone else and lack of trust in other people so this leaves you in complete control with no fear of invasion of privacy or being controlled by others.

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