Eating Disorders

person-holding-two-hamburgers-1025804Having an issue with eating disorders can lead to serious health problems. Regular treatments are mostly ineffective due to the problem being in the mind. The person may believe they are overweight while in reality could be under a severe case of malnutrition.


People experiencing this have an underlying emotional issue. They tend to starve themselves with calorie limits, the misuse of diet pills, drugs, or other methods of staving off hunger. This can lead to a total obsession and possibly deeper emotional problems.


Those who are diagnosed with bulimia will often binge eat and then vomit the food back up due to feelings of guilt or other emotional issues.


Their are many people who eat way more than they should. Some people tend to overeat due to boredom, stress, depression, or a number of other reasons.

My advise is to give hypnosis a try for any eating disorder issues. Finding a good hypnotist is like searching out a good doctor. If you aren’t happy with the first one, try a different one. Remember, all hypnosis is self induced, the hypnotist is just the guide.

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