Do I Have to use Hypnosis for Change?

The answer is it all depends on what you want to change. For just sampling hypnosis, a relaxation induction and session can be used to just bring about a feeling of calm and peace. Many use a short session during their lunch so they will be more refreshed and alert in the afternoon. Another way of using it is for enhancing individual senses.

There are also other ways that help with relaxation and calming the mind. A couple are meditation and yoga. Some say they can’t do yoga, the body isn’t limber enough to do all them poses. That is why there are beginner courses. It is similar to martial arts, you don’t start out at an advanced level. And for meditating, slowing down the mind while calming all them neurons firing around in the brain is a great way to start.

Anger issues sometimes deal with anxiety and stress. By learning to breath deeper will help relieve some of these feelings. It is a process that needs to be self-monitored, switching over from being a shallow breather to breathing deeply will take a little time. Any time that you need to calm down, switch your focus on your breathing.

By trying new things in your life, going new places, while meeting new people could also help by your brain constantly being busy processing new information. It’s possible you could find new hobbies that keep you focused while you are enjoying new experiences. Try things like bowling, tennis, golf, chess, off-road riding, or a number of other things that could lead to a lifetime interest. Maybe even singing or practicing anti-gravity. woman-meditating-on-rock-2597205

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Root Canal and Hypnosis

selective-focus-photo-of-brown-monkey-2213575There are some individuals that have had root canals done, gave birth, and other operations under hypnosis with no anesthesia. Should you try this? My advice would be no. The hypnotist would have to stay present during the operation to deepen the effect in case someone disturbed the patient. Even though there has been some success using it, it would probably be better to be totally numb.

A hypnotist is always just a guide in this situation, which leaves the patient controlling his pain level through the use of suggestion. While this can be possible for some individuals, the majority of people will have trouble doing this. It is best to leave hypnosis for things that work for the majority of the people, or at least not to experience pain if the session failed.

Some of the better things it can be used for include, stress relief, depression, weight control, bad habits, and other issues that do not involve physical pain if the patient became conscious during the session. It’s much better to stay with things that do not hurt physically.

If this is something you decide to try anyway, remember advanced monks can control their heart rate, breathing, upon many other things that would seem super human to most people. If you know a great hypnotist which is willing, perhaps this is something you might want to try.

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Controlling the Mind for Better Outcome Using Hypnosis

stone-bust-of-buddha-on-marble-shelf-4203072Numerous people have used hypnosis to improve their life in many aspects. Everything from more confidence to overcoming depression has helped many individuals. This is something that works at times when all other things have failed.

Become Better at Sports

This involves the use of something called the circle of excellence, imagery, and setting a confidence anchor. Many players of different sports use hypnosis to give themselves an edge, from all different age groups. This is an extremely safe process with good results experienced by the majority of those who try it.

Controlling Body Weight is Very Important

Weighing too little or much has a very bad effect on the body. Weight control involves a life change sometimes, from the foods you eat to how you see yourself mentally. Everyone is different, meaning there is no perfect weight set for certain height and body mass. Frustration and boredom can lead to overeating or anorexia, so there are multiple issues involved a lot of times.

The Social Life Interaction

So many people have trouble interacting with others which leads to a lack of confidence and feelings of being inferior. This can lead to drug and alcohol abuse, crime, anti-socialism, and much more. Hypnosis is effective in many cases, though it might involve several sessions.

New Technology

The out-dated system of put one under into a state of calm is moving towards the use of subliminal messaging, audio and video software, and the use of special frequencies in brainwave entrainment. Calming the mind enough to work with it is the secret to success.

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Hypnosis and the Corona Virus

microscopic-shot-of-a-virus-3992945The virus pretty much shut the world down, something that is unique in the history of mankind. For many, this has brought stress, job loss, and a self-induced prison. Not socializing with others is hard on the human psyche. Hypnosis can help alleviate some of these symptoms associated with theses problems.

You can use hypnosis to go on many imaginary adventures, which will be hard to tell the difference between reality. During these trips into your mind, you can visit places you have never been, interact with friends, or even go to the moon. By learning self hypnosis, the things you can do are only limited by your imagination.

Stress has taken over the lives of many people which can lead to many health problems and pain issues. A good hypnotist can help control stress levels with suggestions embedded into the subconscious mind.  Stress can be good at times since it is connected to our life preserving system. People have to learn how to release it after it is no longer needed.

Will hypnosis stop the virus? The answer is no. It will help you cope with the changes it has brought to your everyday life though. Accepting things that you have no control over will help improve your emotional well being. As we wait for things to return to normal, staying in control of your mind will help you through it.

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Zero Gravity Advice


You might think it seems crazy, yet many people have experienced the sensation of floating during hypnosis. This can be a natural occurrence during deep relaxation. There is nothing to fear here as you will be completely safe.

There are scripts that can induce the state of zero gravity for an even deeper effect. As you begin the downward journey deep into unknown portions of your mind, there can be a change of effect that is hardly noticeable. This can induce an experience of floating above your body, or anywhere you happen to choose. Yes, this is only limited by your imagination.

While you are in this zero gravity state, there are options to explore past and future problems. By floating back to a point in time where an issue started to arise, you can realize that what seemed to be an emotional part of your past was in reality quite funny. This can help release hidden stress that could eventually lead to health problems and chronic pain.

There can also be a lot of enjoyment in the effects of zero gravity. You can learn to hover with the clouds or glide across the ocean. Whatever you choose, it can be an adventure like you never had before. Always try to experience new things, it keeps you growing.

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brown-analog-wall-clock-at-11-48-71154This can be a very confusing aspect of hypnosis. Time can seem to be distorted, with either feelings of speeding up or slowing down. This can cause discomfort in some people until they become used to sessions. This is a good reason to practice basic relaxation hypnosis to get a feel of what it is like.

A good hypnotist can also use timelines to help discover past emotional problems that have lead to stress and chronic pain. A lot of problems adults have stem from things that have happened to them when they were a small child. This is a good way to help deal with emotional issues that some might have stored away in the subconscious part of the mind.

Using hypnosis is also a good way to help plan your future and removing the anxiety from thinking about possible things that could go wrong. Worrying about things that could that their is no control over will just lead to more stress and future health problems. Another use of hypnosis can help you with goal setting to help lead the life of your choice.

So take some time and investigate the subconscious with a recommended hypnotist. And since all hypnosis is basically self-induced, perhaps studying self-hypnosis might be better for some. There is a fear of losing control to someone else and lack of trust in other people so this leaves you in complete control with no fear of invasion of privacy or being controlled by others.

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Are You Scared of Heights?

architectural-design-architecture-building-business-569792 (1)Most people have a fear of heights that are a little extreme for everyone. This includes tall observation decks that reach over 1000 feet in height or looking down in the grand canyon off a overhanging rock. This is a natural life instinct that senses danger.

Others have trouble dealing with being on top of a single story house 20 feet off the ground. This is more of an irrational fear than a life saving instinct. Perhaps they had a bad experience with heights when thy were a toddler.

A feeling of dizziness or vertigo is often felt when one is out of their natural element, such as being on the ground. A short climb up a ladder may induce feelings of nausea, increased heart beats, or even break out in sweats.

Hypnosis can be an effective way of dealing with these emotions. It is possible that the issue can be resolved within three or four sessions, depending on both the hypnotist and the client. This can be a life changing event for one with extreme fears.

Recordings and self-hypnosis can also be an efficient way of helping someone become free of past emotions which led to the phobia in the first place. If one of these methods do not work for you, perhaps a new technology such as brainwave entrainment or electromagnetic therapy might help. Seek out new ways and climb to new heights that you have never been before.

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Advice About Anger

human-fist-163431Anger is a big issue with many people. Trying to stay calm in difficult situations is hard for a vast number of the population. Hypnosis is a good way to work with those seeking ways to be at peace with their-selves and others. No one should have to go through life being angry.

Meditation, yoga, and other methods are also ways to help someone control anger. Learn new skills or seek out new adventures. Go camping, become involved in sporting events, or start an exercise program. You need to change your life around and seek out new emotional states to replace old neural pathways in the brain.

A person has to want to change before they can. People like to relate to familiar things in life while also becoming a creature of habit. Once you fall into a routine of something, It becomes a comfort zone. This doesn’t mean it is very comfortable, the brain likes to use the same neural paths since it easier than creating new ones. So if you are angry a lot, you need to work on doing new things.

Deep and slow breathing also creates a feeling of calm. This is the fastest way to recoup from an anger issue. Stop playing it over and over in your mind and learn to let things go. Release issues you no longer want in your life and if you need help, please seek it out. If something doesn’t work for you  try something else. Everyone is different and what works for some doesn’t work for others. Be at peace.

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Hypnosis and Fear

animal-arachnid-close-up-creepy-276455There are many different phobias in life with some people tending to fear a lot of different things. Flying, heights, enclosed places, and many more are common among the general population. They also seem to affect only a small portion of the population.

There also is a larger fear that affects a majority of the world. Some of these include war, climate change, economies, and natural disasters. The media is also more available to the masses now which spread the information all over the world. This can cause people in a country far away from a disaster to experience fear from it.

The latest fear that affects everyone is the newest corona virus outbreak. Some people are now scared to come close to others, afraid to say hello, and even hug family members. Fear seems to feed on itself, increasing in strength until it perhaps burns out.

Working with hypnosis and other means can begin to alleviate some of these fears. If a fear is allowed to persist it will lead to more stress which affects the health in all kinds of bad ways. Learning to relax and staying calm will go a long way towards helping you recover from any fear.

Meditating, Yoga, breathing exercises, and EFT are just some ways to find peace. Gardening, different types of music, brain entrainment,  or even going for a leisurely walk. Hobbies, games, spending quality time with the family, there are many ways to enjoy life again instead of hiding at home.

I advise you to get out and enjoy life, have some fun and perhaps meet some new people.

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Eating Disorders

person-holding-two-hamburgers-1025804Having an issue with eating disorders can lead to serious health problems. Regular treatments are mostly ineffective due to the problem being in the mind. The person may believe they are overweight while in reality could be under a severe case of malnutrition.


People experiencing this have an underlying emotional issue. They tend to starve themselves with calorie limits, the misuse of diet pills, drugs, or other methods of staving off hunger. This can lead to a total obsession and possibly deeper emotional problems.


Those who are diagnosed with bulimia will often binge eat and then vomit the food back up due to feelings of guilt or other emotional issues.


Their are many people who eat way more than they should. Some people tend to overeat due to boredom, stress, depression, or a number of other reasons.

My advise is to give hypnosis a try for any eating disorder issues. Finding a good hypnotist is like searching out a good doctor. If you aren’t happy with the first one, try a different one. Remember, all hypnosis is self induced, the hypnotist is just the guide.

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